What is this phenomenon that, in the short term, will have a drastic influence on our daily life? The opinion of a market analyst, the most outstanding local enterprises and smart homes are already its most striking example. Sneakers that count kilometres, collars for dogs that send information about their movement, sensors that put a pause in the film at the moment when the viewer fell asleep. And millions of other gadgets, useful or not, that only yesterday seemed like the inventors of tomorrow have arrived. Yes, it is the so-called “new industrial revolution” known as the Internet of Things.

Get Ready for a Sci-Fi Reality

Digital Smart Technology

Most of the articles on the Internet of Things begin with a definition of the implications of the phenomenon because its concept is slippery and still quite unfamiliar. The presence of the word “things” floods it with ambiguity.  But actually, it is not so complex. It stands for objects connected through the network that use this connection to gather information and, later, develop an action. This is not some Sci-Fi futuristic illusion that can be seen only in the movies.

It has already arrived and is a tangible reality in devices that are used in daily life. For example, all those devices to which the prefix “Smart” is added: smartphones, smart TV, even some air conditioners are already the part of it. This classification does not indicate that they are intelligent, but their possibility of connecting them to the Internet. The great revolution that is foreseen will reach the peak of its production in the coming years.

The Business Insider magazine calculates that, by 2020, the number of objects connected to the Internet will triple to 24 billion. Added to the 10 billion that we had in 2015 and you can imagine the result of such evolution already. The investment will demand around 6 trillion dollars in total.

The explosion of IoT reoriented the course of the technology companies. Among the organisations that invest the most and will allocate to this market, appear the giants Amazon, AT&T, IBM and Google.

The computer business is going backwards and that of smartphones is slowing down because everyone already has one and they are now a replacement industry. Technology producers are now aiming at IoT because there is a lot of fertile ground to be covered with new inventions that will make any customers life a lot easier.

At the moment, almost all of the equipment that can be purchased integrates a merged package that can not be separated. The next phase will be that of standardization in which the different accessories are expected to interact with each other.

Smart Homes

iot smart phone

So far, the most widespread bet on IoT technology is the smart homes. For some years now, it has been possible to program, for example, the lights or the heating from outside the house in winter or to determine a time for the blinds to rise on sunny summer days. The concept used by architects or engineers is “home automation” and refers to systems capable of automating actions in the home. In smart homes, virtually all electronic sub-systems such as curtain lighting, air conditioning, audio and video are controllable.

The programming can be done through any device: cell phones, tablets, televisions or touchscreens and native remote controls of the system. In turn, the smart home allows greater environmental care and considerable energy savings. It also has benefits for the environment given that you can control the amount of energy consumed and automate the turning on and off of equipment according to the weather or schedules.

The home automation market is no longer as exclusive as in its beginnings, where only the highest socioeconomic target was targeted. This opening took place thanks to the fact that it is already possible to buy equipment separately without the need to acquire the entire package.

Smart homes are just one of many examples of how the Internet of Things will change our reality for good. The only thing that we can conclude at this moment for the future is that we can stand still and look at the things start to take a 180 degrees “Smart” turn and get the new face with this phenomenon